Playing with Baby

I’ve actually had more time to play than I anticipated with having a kid. There are interruptions though. Many, many interruptions. My main is a warlock, but I’ve always had a geared bear tank for various guild alt runs and such. That toon is now retired. I can’t possibly tank with the number of afks I have to take, and I absolutely hate playing boomkin.

Recently I leveled up a new toon to play. It started on a whim. My step mother-in-law started leveling a hunter, and as I knew nothing about hunters I figured I could help her out more if I knew the class a little better. I ended up leveling her damn fast. The new leveling is really speedy and I had heirlooms to boot. Even is all my afks it only took about two weeks. Slow by some standards, but pretty damn fast considering how much time I actually spent playing. I had tried several times previously to level a hunter (those who know me in real life would peg me for any class with pets immediately), but I just never got into it. Now I really enjoy it.

One problem I have now is that I keep comparing it to my warlock. I play Destro, which used to be a single button spam class. Now we have to worry about keeping Soul Fire, Corruption, Immolate, Bane and Elements up, all the while watching out rotations with Conflag, Chaos Bolt and Incinerate. I feel like I should go Affliction just to simplify things. My hunter, on the other hand, is basically a two button spam. I’m Survival, so it’s just apply SS then press 2, 1, 1 and repeat. Yes I know you can Arcane Shot and Kill Shot in there, but overall it’s pretty damn simple. My hunter is as geared as she can be without raiding and I can see she’s easily going to overtake my main on dps. I’m not going to switch mains any time soon. I still love my warlock and I’ve put way too much time into achievements and such to swap toons now, but it bothers me that the “simple” warlock spec is so god damned complicated now. It’s hard enough to focus on my own rotation when I’m directing the raid, but adding a baby into the mix makes things even more troublesome.

This is the view of my lap for every raid.

V doesn’t sleep anywhere close to what she used to. On a good night I can get her to sleep through half of raid. We only raid three nights a week for three hours so it’s not too bad. Murphy’s Law says the kid is always on her best behavior on off nights and wakes up mid boss fight on raid nights. She sleeps in my lap, so an alert baby means lots of flailing of limbs. She can hit the keyboard easily now. Propping her up is more comfortable but actually worse. My mic is borderline poking her head and she’ll systematically kick my keyboard further and further away. If she can reach it with her feet she’ll hit the spacebar a lot and interrupt my spells.

If she’s away I’ll afk a lot during trash and after wipes to pay attention to her and try to get things settled down. It’s not easy. I can rotate her between several play areas (crib, bouncer, carpet, exersaucer) but she rapidly gets bored. Some nights she’ll accept nothing less than dancing on Mommy’s knee in front of the mirror.

Despite all of this, I can play remarkably well with a squirmy baby in my lap. My husband can’t even handle playing with her asleep in his lap. On the rare occasions that I get to play sans baby it’s a real treat.


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