Four Months

Better late than never. Found this old draft that I never got around to publishing. Would you believe that babies keep you busy?

It truly is amazing how fast children grow. Last night I was looking back at the newborn pictures and videos of V. Her face is all scrunched up, her limbs are emaciated, and she doesn’t really respond to much. Now she’s plump and happy and wants to do everything. It’s got to be frustrating being a baby and completely reliant on someone else for all your movements.


Almost Four Months

Keeping her entertained is a constant struggle. I have to change activities frequently- reading, tummy time, making faces, mirror time, toy time, jumper time, talking time, watching mommy do chores time. Her favorite activity is still people watching. When family holds her I have to constantly remind them to turn her around (they always put her face in their shoulder). She wants to be facing out so she can see everything that’s going on, and gets irritable if she can’t. I invent reasons to leave the house, both so I can get out but also so that she can see new things. This week I joined a mother’s club. They finally have a playgroup forming for 2010 babies and I wanted to get V involved. I won’t get to a meeting until the 24th, but I’m really hoping V enjoys it.

I started back at work last week. I’m only working Saturdays because that’s when my husband can watch V. Technically he could watch her Sunday too but then I’d really never see him. My first day back was very short. I’ve been out so long they wanted to make sure I was caught up on everything new.

Is it odd that I’m more anxious about leaving her with her daddy than with her grandparents? I’m just afraid he’ll play Wow and ignore her, or that he’ll forget to change her diapers unless she poops. Last weekend I may have worked, but it was the grandparents who watched her. They drove all the way up from Socal just so my husband and I could go to a comedy show together!


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