45 Year-Old Wow Virgin

My step mother-in-law recently started playing Wow to reconnect with her 18 year-old son. She’s never played anything more serious than Solitaire and Bejeweled, so the results have been predictably amusing. She once texted me in a panic because she had “lost” all of her quests. She had just logged on and they “weren’t there.” It turns out she was watching the quest tracker on the right side of her screen, not the actual Quest Log, which was full. Another time she accidentally placed a bag containing her hearthstone in the bank. Her son tried to help her with that, but he either wasn’t very explicit or she just didn’t get it. A GM ticket was filed and she even got a response telling her exactly where the hearthstone was (I wonder how many noobish tickets like this GMs get on a regular basis). However, she had no idea how to check her mail or even that there was mail to check so she never saw the response. I have her account information so I logged on, figured out what had happened and put the hearthstone back in her backpack. I also found her pet for her (it was dismissed and somehow Call Pet was no longer on her bar).

For a long time her hunter hovered in the teens. How this is even possible is mind-boggling for most seasoned Wow players. She was running around exploring and having fun, but not really questing. She ran into a lot of areas that were too high for here level and ended up dying a lot. Thankfully she hasn’t had a problem getting ganked, despite being on a PVP server. At least she’s horde and her server is horde-dominated. Eventually she started questing and managed to reach the lofty level 50, at which point she started running dungeons.

Even at 50 she was still wearing starting level gear, some of which was cloth vendor trash. People called her out on that in dungeons, so she decided to get better gear…by buying the crap that vendors in Org sell. Not badge gear- the random vendor shit that is sold for no apparent reason. Being a hunter, she got yelled at a lot for accidentally pulling packs in dungeons. I had to coach her through changing some of her interface settings.

Thankfully she hasn’t had a problem getting ganked, despite being on a PVP server. At least she’s horde and her server is horde-dominated.

Dungeons have been really rough on her. PUGs in general tend to suck, and no one likes to get grouped with a noob. Her son coached her to recite a phrase if things were getting hostile: “I’m a 45 year-old woman. I just started playing this game to spend time with my son.” Once she was lost on a run back after a wipe. “People take shortcuts and like to jump over boulders and such. I just can’t do it. I have to go the long way.” The group couldn’t believe she couldn’t find her way back, and one particular jerk kept hassling her. So she recited the phrase. The whole group, minus the jerk, ran back to get her and show her the way.

Now she’s level 60 and just bought the BC expansion. My husband and I told her that all her gear would probably be replaced with the first few quests. She didn’t believe us, but now she has several shiny new greens. Somehow she acquired a flying mount but she has trouble steering and landing. I’m not entirely sure she actually has a mount, as she didn’t know what a flight path was and might have been confusing the two.

Every time I meet a noob now I have to wonder if I’m encountering someone like my mother-in-law. So if you meet a noob in your travels, please be kind and have some patience. They might just be your mother.



  1. judithornot

    I started playing WoW when I was 56, to better understand why my husband enjoyed it. Now I play it more than he does. 🙂 But I prefer not to do PvP, and just have a good time questing. You can make WoW whatever you want it to be.


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