Happy Six Months

My Dear Little Pooh,

It’s hard to believe it’s only been six months. I feel like you’ve been a part of my life forever, though more likely I just can’t imagine life without you. You are so beautiful and special. When you wake up in the morning, lock eyes with me and smile it just lights up my world.

You’re still a bit on the small side, but the doctor says you’re due for a growth spurt. He can’t believe how incredibly strong your legs are. We probably have Granddad and Nana’s Christmas gift to thank for that. It’s a musical table top and you love kicking it. A and I are surprised you don’t have bruises on your heels for how strongly you like to kick things. You’re also getting quite the workout in your exersaucer. You have no balance and your legs get wobbly and fall after a bit, but you can stand with support for a long time.

About three weeks ago you learned to roll over. You used to hate tummy time. A minute on your tummy was a minute too much. Now that you can roll over you love tummy time. This morning I place you at the left side of your crib, facing left. When I checked on you a bit later you were just right of the middle, facing the wall and on your back. A little later and you were all the way on the right side on your tummy again. You can’t crawl yet but you can sure roll your way around.

You’re still not sleeping through the night like I want you to, but perhaps that’s my fault. You go to bed around 11pm, then you either wake up at 1am for a feeding or you sleep until about 5am. When you wake up I bring you to bed with us and you sleep in the crook of my arm for a few more hours. I think you wake up earlier just so that I’ll bring you to bed with me sooner. Your head gets all sweaty lying against my arm but you don’t care. You love sleeping with Mommy.

We started on solid foods last month. You liked the rice cereal and loved the oatmeal. You made faces at banana and avocado, but I can sneak banana into your oatmeal and you don’t notice. Yesterday grandma M fed you banana at IHOP and you loved them. Maybe it was the change in atmosphere that did it. We were eating and you wanted to eat too. Pooping has gotten more difficult for you since we started the solids, but you seem to be getting the hang of it. The doctor says I can give you egg yolks if I want, just not egg whites. I love eggs and hope you will too.

I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. As much as I dread the time when you’ll be crawling and cruising all over the house, I am still looking forward to it. You get frustrated that you can’t move to reach things on your own and want Mommy to help by holding you closer. As long as I am able, I will always be there to love and protect you, and to offer a helping hand.

I love you very much my little Pooh Bear.


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