Beware the Stealth Poopy

Today was a busy day. It rained the past four or five days here in California so I’ve been putting off errands until it cleared up. Now that it’s nice and sunny out I don’t feel as bad running around town with a 5 month old. First stop was the feed store, which had called on Friday to tell me that my special order was in. Next on my list was bra-shopping (depending on how willing V was to put up with the car seat). We hit Kohl’s and found out they carry a zillion bras, but none of them are for nursing. I went next door to Wallmart and found a tiny selection but at least they had what I needed (underwire for godsakes).

Periodically I checked V’s diaper, but no morning poop yet. Her pooping has become somewhat more erratic since we started on solids. When we got home I fed her while eating lunch. Afterward I checked the front of her diaper for poop and found none. Next up on my list was to feed the birds. V played in her jumperoo while I did that. When I removed her I decided it was too warm for fluffy pajamas so I laid her down on the bed and started to strip her while she giggled away. The front of her diaper still looked clear. Then I picked her up and saw it- a poop explosion the size of a cantaloupe on the back of her jammies. I carefully transported my giggling daughter to the changing table, where I finally opened the diaper. The middle of the diaper was clear, aside from one small poop trail that led straight up her back, where it had exploded. Normally her poops go towards the legs, so I can clearly see dark masses in the leg creases when I’m checking. Not so with this one. It was still fresh so the scent hadn’t warned me yet.

Time to do laundry again.


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