The Wonderful World of Amazon

My husband and I are huge fans of Amazon. We no longer have to brave the malls for Christmas as we buy just about everything online. Normally we have a lot of gifts shipped directly to my mother’s house so the car is less packed when we drive down. This year we had at least 20 packages awaiting our arrival.

Some people (mostly the older generation like my parents) are still unaware of the beauty of Amazon shopping. However, I recently found out about two of their newer programs that are awesome for parents.

Amazon Prime– We’ve had this for a while. You pay like $50 a year, but get free two day shipping on just about everything. When you shop for stuff online as much as we do, this more than pays for itself. Earlier this year we were trying to buy a crib for V, and ran across the problem of shipping cost. Babies R Us, Target, and other retailers all wanted $100 or more to ship a $300 crib. We checked on Amazon, found a similar model that was eligible for Prime, and had our brand new crib shipped to us for FREE in TWO DAYS.

Amazon Mom– This program allows you to get discounts on all kinds of things. What sold me was the diaper discount (15%). They also give you some shipping benefits similar to a Prime membership.

Subscribe & Save– This program gives you 15% off items if you subscribe to have regular shipments. Combine this with Amazon Mom and you 30% on diapers and wipes! All you do is pick items that you buy on a regular basis and they are automatically shipped to you at regular intervals. You can choose how often you want an item, and if you’re running low you can always ask for a quicker delivery. I was leery at first because I was afraid the constantly changing diaper size would void out the program, but you can change settings or cancel it at any time. I’ve switched from size 1 to size 2 with no hassle.


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