Cata and the Baby

Well my game of Cata came much later than I would have liked. Even though my vendor said it would arrive the day before release, it did not arrive until about 1:20pm the day of release, putting me a good 14 hours behind others. At least it solved my conundrum of whether or not to sleep through the midnight release.

Leveling was extremely frustrating, mainly because V decided that this week was the time to up the ante on fussiness, but I still managed to hit 85 by Thursday. V has been extremely squirmy in my lap. She managed to cause a wipe on my first heroic run when she woke up mid boss fight and kicked my hand off the keyboard, after which she started hysterical crying and I had to tell them to replace me. We spent a good 30 minutes walking around the house together. If I put her down she’d immediately start crying. The only happy place was snugly peering over my shoulder.

She’s also begun to get bored with her regular forms of entertainment. The jumper, the mobiles, the swing, etc. only seem to aggravate her now. Maybe she senses that mom and dad are extremely engrossed in something. If I actually want to get shit done in game I have to play once she’s in bed. I finally truly understand why one of my raiders, a father of a 15 month old, requests raids from 10pm to 1am server.

The up side of this is that I’ve finally broken my habit of trying to get her to sleep. No more lying in bed, fishing around in the dark for the elusive dislodged pacifier, and holding her hand while she tosses and turns. Tuesday night I put her down at 11:30, gave her a pacifier, turned on her seahorse and left the room. I listened well for any potential cries. Nothing. On Wednesday I did the same thing. Thursday I’d hit 85 so I went to bed with her at midnight and (surprise surprise) she fell asleep in about two minutes. She now falls asleep on her own like this every night. It’s wonderful! We plan to move her to the crib after Christmas and hopefully her newfound ability to fall asleep on her own will help with that transition.


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