Counting Down

I preordered my collector’s edition and it’s supposed to arrive today.  My husband was able to forgo the usual midnight waiting in line at Game Stop for a digital download.  His plan is to level as quickly as possible at midnight, then head to bed around five in the morning.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to join him for that, as the baby normally goes to sleep at midnight and usually insists that I’m close by (we haven’t started sleep-training yet).  I could trick her by lying down until she’s out, but I’ll likely be out myself by the time she falls asleep.  Last night we were up until 12:30 watching Detroit 1-8-7 and I could barely keep my eyes open for the latter half.

This is the first time an expansion has hit when I haven’t been working or going to school or both.  My ability to level quickly depends only upon my stamina and the whims of my daughter.  This may be difficult as she’s becoming bored with increasing ease.  I’d like to zip to 85 as quickly as possible, and to do that I’m trying to get as many things out of the way as I can today:

  • Feed the birds (check)
  • Clean the cages
  • Bathe the kid
  • Trip to Costco for sustenance
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Pay bills
  • Fill out personal leave form
  • Submit FMLA to the state
  • Nap

Unfortunately, some of these involve leaving the house or being in the backyard, and my husband has a package arriving today between 12-3pm so I’m stuck here twiddling my thumbs until it arrives.

As for my online life, I’ve spent the last week grinding useless rep (Timbermaw, Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Sporeggar, Mag’har, Skyguard, Netherwing).  The only one I haven’t managed to finish is Netherwing, simply because there is no rep outside of dailies to earn unless you manage to find a gazillion eggs.  I still need to park my toon in Dalaran.  I have 20 daily quests completed and ready for turn in.


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