Hello? Deathwing? Are you there?

When the patch first hit I was hoping to get this achievement.  Everyone was really.  Deathwing’s appearances are completely random though, and I’ve yet to even see the bugger.  You’d think that Blizzard would make him a bit more conspicuous considering he’s altering the face of Azeroth forever.  It’s not as if I haven’t been running around old world either.  I’ve been trying to get my various reputations up.  Once I saw the fire from where he’d scorched the earth in Eastern Plaguelands, but he’d already gone.  I’m no longer hoping for the achievement, I just want to see the bastard before Cata please!

Update: Went AFK in Twilight Highlands while questing and came back to find myself dead. That’s funny, I thought I’d AFKed in a safe spot. It was probably a random spawn or else someone trained a mob onto me. Then a couple guildies start asking me why I flagged before I went AFK. What? How the hell did I flag? I hate PVP! Inconceivable! Then they laughingly tell me to check my achievements. Ah yes, there it is. I should have seen this one coming. Boo for Deathwing hitting me while I was dealing with the kid. At least I got my achievement.


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