Cataclysm is upon us, and I still don’t know what I’m going to do.  I should probably explain.

I am currently the Guild Master of a raiding guild.  This guild has been around since before the Vanilla launch.  It was previously a guild from another game; the founders migrated to Wow and brought along some members.  Other members were picked up in Wow, including my husband and I.  Anyone who has been with the guild since Vanilla is considered a veteran.  Problem is, most of the veterans are very full of themselves.  While most of them play decently (not exceptionally), the attitude of this clique is very self centered and exclusionary.

When Wrath came out I was merely an officer.  I should have formed my own guild towards the end of Burning Crusade but I didn’t know if I could handle the responsibility.  I’d never been a GM before.  Officer was good enough.  So I stayed and watched as the veterans and the GM almost fractured the guild.  The vets level up quickly and begin running raids.  Anyone who levels a bit slower is looked down upon.  When the slower players (generally with jobs and lives) got to 80 they were typically snubbed.  The vets didn’t want to share loot in raids that they felt they had earned more than others.  The GM even started running raids under the wire, off the schedule.  Schedules are very important for players.  They need to know what times to be on.  No one wants to be left out and have to pug shit.  The unscheduled runs were a hug slap in the face to many players.  I was the only veteran/officer willing to take non-veterans on my runs.  I kept telling people to hang in there, it would all be okay.  I was the reason many players didn’t leave the guild at that time.

Eventually, one by one the novelty wore off and veterans disappeared as they always do.  Many never saw past Naxx or Ulduar because they just stopped playing completely.  Even the then-GM left the game.  Actually, he flat out bailed on us and we had to pester him constantly to get him to log on and pass GM.  After several weeks he logged on long enough to pass the title to one of the founders.  This founder does nothing to manage the guild whatsoever.  He enjoys the title, but not the responsibilities.  This left me basically running the guild.  Everything from recruitment to combat logs to website management to auctions was all handled by me.

Seven months ago, the founder also decided to quit the game.  We thought the last GM was a slacker when he waited for two weeks before logging on to promote.  We had to spam text the founder for a month to even get him to log on and promote me some other officers to help out.  He retained the title of GM for himself, crippling our ability to use the many guild controls.  I contacted a game master about the problem, and was informed that the founder would have to be offline for at least a month before they could transfer control to anyone else.  So the officers and I waiting another full month then petitioned to give me GM.  It worked, and there was much rejoicing.

So here’s the problem:  What if the veterans come back?  I know several of them who plan to- the same ones that caused all the issues at the beginning of Wrath.  I may be GM, but I’m low on the veteran totem pole because I basically did not raid at all in vanilla.  They won’t really listen to me, and I can’t change their culture.  I’m tempted to just take the people I have now and make a fresh start with a new guild entirely under my control.  However, with a three-month old baby I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up the pace.  My other options are to join a friend’s new guild (dunno what the culture is there), join my husbands guild on another server/faction (but seriously, fuck alliance), or wait it out and see what happens.  Right now I’m waiting it out.  I don’t yet know who will come back temporarily for the new expansion.

With the new guild leveling and reputation gains with this expansion, swapping guilds is going to become less desirable.  I hope I’m making the right decision (or lack thereof) by waiting it out.


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