What’s in a name?

When we were picking out names for potential future children, one of the things we kept in mind was nicknames.  People are generally lazy, and names often get shortened to one or two syllables for convenience.  We wanted to make sure that both the long and short versions of the names were something we could live with.  I’m very happy with V’s name.

The funny thing is, we never call her by name.  Is this a new baby thing?  Almost no one calls her by name.  The nurses in the hospital called her Sweet Pea.  Grandpa calls her Peanut.  Grandma calls her Pickle.  Dad calls her Monkey Butter.  I probably have the most variety:  my little girl, my baby, my sweetie pie, Pooh Bear, Little Pooh, my little angel, sweetie, munchkin, and poopy butt.  I often wonder if this is normal and when exactly one make the leap into traditional names.


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