Blizzcon and the Baby, Part 2

We left Wednesday around 2pm intending to bypass the L.A. traffic. The drive was pretty uneventful. V slept the entire trip, aside from being woken up twice for feedings. We actually made more stops for us than we did for her, and expected to pay for her good behavior with a restless night.

The first night we stayed at my mom’s house. She had an old portable crib that she let us use. We’d brought a travel bed with us, but the portable looked much comfier so we opted to use that. She slept better than she did at home, so we even chose to lug it to the hotel and use it for the rest of our stay.

My niece was staying at my mom’s house and had her first encounter with the baby. B is only 4 1/2 but she looks like she could be almost 6. She followed me around the house with V and imitated my behaviors with her doll. I was a little concerned when she followed to watch me breastfeed, but someone had briefed her on breastfeeding so her reaction was fine.

Thursday was spent visiting family. We still didn’t know if M would be well enough to babysit. My father in law is handicapped and while he loves spending time with the baby we were relying on his wife to do the changing/feeding. I heard from A later in the day- M was not contagious but had just started vomiting and would not be able to sit. Thankfully, my stepmom and dad offered to sit for Friday.

Thursday evening we headed to Anaheim. We still had to pick up our passes. A had checked earlier in the day but the line at that time was two hours long. It was now 9pm and the wait was only a few minutes. A circled in the car while I headed in for my pass. V was apparently not happy. She’s usually awake from about 9pm-12 and was not enjoying the car seat. A kept her as calm as he could until I got back; then it was my turn. I ended up parking alongside the convention center in the loading zone and hopping into the back seat with V. A pacifier and a calm hand were enough to keep her quiet until A got back.

We were staying at the Residence Inn a few blocks away. If you’ve never been to one of these, they are like a studio apartment in that they have a kitchen. My stepmom had booked us the place using her Marriott points. Normally we just stay with my mom, but every year we complain about the 45 min drive to and from the convention center. Now that we had a baby we needed a local place to stay even more.

I had a schedule all laid out for the babysitters. The panels I would be attending were highlighted. The plan was to come back to the hotel and breastfeed/pump between panels. Thankfully my breastmilk survived the trip down. I thought I should probably leave some more detailed instructions along with the schedule, especially since I didn’t know what A’s sister’s experience was. I jotted down everything I could think of on the back of the schedule. It filled a page. Then it dawned on me that I had used my copy of the schedule and didn’t have an extra. I made a mental note to see the front desk about a photocopy in the morning.

A left early to save us a spot in line. My dad and stepmom would be arriving around 9am, so I got up at 8:00 and started my routine. A said the breakfast area closed at 9am, so I was kinda rushed. By the time I had fed V, changed her, gotten dressed and pumped it was 8:37. I threw on the baby Bjorn and headed to breakfast. It was a full buffet, which was nice, but had no trays which made juggling food + drink + utensils + baby a little difficult. I ate as fast as I could and headed to the lobby to get my photocopy. As I walked back to the hotel I received a call from J; they were outside my room.

I gave them the tour and instructions as quickly as I could. I didn’t know how long it would take to get to the convention center. Eventually I kissed V goodbye and headed out. The first trip was deceiving. It was about 20min to get to the convention center, but to get to the actual entrance added 5-10 minutes. After a few more trips it turned out to be at least 25-30 minutes one way. I tried to hitch a ride when I could (mostly on Saturday). My feet were killing me that first day. No, I don’t walk much.

The whole walking/pumping thing was a big hassle, but it had to be done. It was amazing how much my supply went up those two days. I had to pump regardless of the time, just so I wouldn’t be engorged later. V decided to pig out with the bottle feeding. She was supposed to take about half a tube, maybe more, and ended up guzzling down a tube and a half on one particular feeding.

The other downside to my numerous trips to the hotel was that A was stuck holding seats all day for two days. Even though we had some friends with us, A ended up doing all the seat reservations. He has ADD and it’s really hard for him to sit still that long (I can rarely even get him to sit through a movie). Normally we relieve each other for bathroom/walking breaks or just bring each other food. This year he was all on his own.

Thankfully, we won’t have as much of a hassle next year. We can just hand V off to the grandparents and do our thing.


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